wideHi, I’m Kelly! I’m a college student and theatre advocate. From the best brunches to backstage at Broadway shows, join me as I find the best that the theatre world (and beyond) has to offer! Along the way, I’ll share my personal experiences with shows, explore new cities, and maybe even tell you the secret to making a really good chocolate chip cookie (hint: chill the dough overnight).

I believe that good theatre touches you, moves you, and changes how you think about things. It doesn’t matter if it’s a show at a community theatre or a production on a Broadway stage, good theatre is good theatre.

I have a passion for theatre, photography, and most importantly, brunch. When I’m not in class pursuing a B.S. in Mass Communication, you can find me testing out new recipes in my kitchen, listening to NPR, or playing the tenor saxophone. I aspire to be a press agent for Broadway shows, but in the meantime I’m interning at some amazing theatre companies on the East Coast.

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