4 Best Pre-Broadway Brunches

best pre-broadway brunch spots nyc

Two of my favorite things in the world are brunch and Broadway. And often, when I’m in Manhattan, I get to experience both in one day! From my countless mornings spent munching away at French toast and sipping hot chocolate, I’ve gotten a grasp on the best pre-Broadway brunch spots in the city. While I’m always down for a trip to a new hidden gem, it’s nice to have go-to places to fall back on (like when your train is late and you have to cancel reservations). Here are my four favorite brunch spots for every occasion!

Grab and Go: Schmackary’s
362 W 45th St.

Whether you woke up late or you’re just looking for something quick, Schmackary’s is the place to go. While they’re known for their mouth-watering cookies, their steamy hot chocolate and sinful cinnamon rolls are just as delectable, so get them while they’re hot! 



On a Budget: Mother Burger
329 W 49th St.

Mother Burger is, quite literally, tucked away in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. If you turn off Ninth Avenue down the tree-lined 49th Street, you’ll find the Worldwide Plaza—and Mother Burger’s glorious $12 brunch. I’m obsessed with their Frosted Flake French Toast and (when the weather is nice), the sun-soaked outdoor seating.

mother burger frosted flake french toast


Feelin’ Classy: Sarabeth’s
381 Park Avenue South

While it’s both pricier and a bit of a trek across town, the Sarabeth’s on Park Avenue South is my favorite. The spacious, well-lit dining area ensures that there is almost never a wait, which is perfect for last-minute decisions. The first time I had their pumpkin waffles, I thought about them for months afterward.

sarabeth's brunch park avenue south nyc


When You Can’t Decide Between Brunch and Lunch: The Smith
956 Second Avenue (at 51st St.)

As much as I love a good pancake/hash brown combo, sometimes I need a serious mac and cheese/bread basket combo. And other times, I want French toast but my friends want burgers–and The Smith is the perfect hotspot for those days. While reservations are pretty necessary, you’ll fall in love with the savory sides and cozy atmosphere and want to go back time and again. 

the smith midtown macaroni and cheese

What are your favorite pre-Broadway brunch spots? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “4 Best Pre-Broadway Brunches

  1. Rikki Condos

    It’s usually really busy because it’s small inside but I love Blue Dog Kitchen Bar! It’s on 50th between 8th and 9th. So yummy!!


    1. Kelly

      Oh my goodness that sounds delicious, Rikki! And that location is perfect!!! I’ll have to check it out when I’m in the city soon.


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