A Day in the Life of a Publicity Intern

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The question I get asked the most—at school, at home, and even here, at the Williamstown Theatre Festival—is “what do you do?” since most people, understandably, have no idea what it means when I say that I do publicity, or public relations.

PR people tend to work behind the scenes, facilitating what people do see, such as reviews, features, interviews, production photos, television and radio spots, etc. We make it all happen, and keep track of it when it does.

My days look like an awful lot like a bunch of spreadsheets and emails, but it means I get to be organized and I know everything that’s going on (which I love). Every day is different from the last (which I also love), so this is just a little taste of what I do on a “normal” day. There are a bunch of other tasks I have—like working press nights and going on poster runs—but this is what a typical day in the life of a publicity intern at a theatre company looks like.

8:30am: Wake up way before my alarm because my body’s clock has decided that waking up any time after 9:00am is a crime. So then I lay in bed until I actually feel like getting up.

9:00am: Make a quick and easy dorm room breakfast of yogurt, honey, and granola and prep for the day ahead. (I’ve decided that yogurt is just a vehicle for honey and granola at this point.)

9:58am: Leave for the office. I can see my office from my dorm room window, so it is easily the best commute I will ever have in my life.

10:00am: Arrive at the office, where I begin responding to any emails that came in during the night about program bios, press tickets, or scheduling interviews.

10:30am: Start doing press clippings by looking through the morning’s local paper, checking the Google Alert emails, and searching through online news outlets. This is a task that continues throughout the day (and never really ends).

11:00am: Check to see if anyone in the office has gotten mail, proof an upcoming program, and stuff press kits.

12:00pm: Stop by rehearsal for one of our Main Stage productions while the company photographers take some photos.

1:30pm: Format press clippings in Photoshop, send and respond to more emails, and work on any program bios that still need to be re-written.

3:00pm: Read the script of one of the upcoming shows so I know what it’s about and can be able to properly (and accurately) explain and pitch it to press people and audience members.

4:30pm: Prep and send the daily press clippings email that goes out to certain company and board members.

6:00pm: Get off work, grab a quick dinner, and try to catch up on whatever novel I’m reading. (This week, it’s Ragtime by E.L. Doctorow.) 

7:00pm: Attend a reading of a new play in the directing studio. There is always something to go see—a reading, a workshop, a Main Stage production—the possibilities are endless, and always surprise me. 

8:30pm: Head over to Spring Street to grab a scoop with friends at Lickety Split, a little local ice cream shack with the cutest names for flavors. Happy Couple? Before and After? Mountain Day? Um, yes please!

9:30pm: Stop by front of house and say hi to all of my friends who were assigned front-of-house duty and catch up with them.

10:30pm: Go back to my dorm room and text or FaceTime friends (or watch Netflix) and get ready for bed. 


What’s your favorite part of your daily routine? Let me know in the comments below!

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One thought on “A Day in the Life of a Publicity Intern

  1. Rene Carter

    Thank you for explaining what Publicity people do! It sounds very interesting, and like you say, different every day. That is also what I love about my job, it is different every day and I never get bored. I will say, however, that if I ate ice cream and cookies all the time I would not be able to leave the house! Enjoy all of your fabulous content! Keep it coming!


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