Freaky Friday the Musical Vlog & Mini Review

Join me and my friend Charlotte as we travel to Arlington, VA for dinner at Busboys and Poets and the world premiere production of Freaky Friday the musical at Signature Theatre!

I absolutely love seeing new theatre, and I’m incredibly lucky to live near two cities that have such vibrant theatre communities that always produce new works. Whenever I hear about a world premiere production, I jump on the chance to see it and get a glimpse at how American theatre is changing.

Freaky Friday is a musical for right now. The story is relevant to everyone living in America today, especially to adolescents who feel lost, lonely, and misunderstood. But it’s also conscious of the struggle parents have of connecting with their children, and learning how to be a parent.

The story of the musical differs slightly from that of the film. While Katherine and her daughter, Ellie, still switch bodies, the catalyst isn’t a fortune cookie, but an hourglass. They swap bodies on the day before Katherine’s wedding, which is also the day of The Hunt at Ellie’s high school, a huge city-wide scavenger hunt.

Through the chaos and confusion, Ellie and Katherine  balance boys, wedding cakes, and sock puppets, learn about one another, and find the hourglass so they can switch back before it’s too late.

Freaky Friday is a hilarious show with a hip-hop infused score and a cast that has a passion for the story they’re telling. If the run wasn’t ending this month, I would definitely go see it again!

We took advantage of Signature Theatre’s student discount and got $25 tickets! Want to know how? Check out my post about cheap and discounted Washington, D.C. theatre tickets for students and young adults here!

Freaky Friday runs at Signature Theatre through November 20th. To buy tickets and to learn more about the show, click here.

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