7 Things I’ll Miss About Cambridge

things i'll miss about cambridge massachusetts

 It’s been one week since I moved back to Maryland from Massachusetts, and I miss my dear ol’ neighborhood more than words. My life in Cambridge was made up of so many different, beautiful pieces which each hold a distinct place in my heart. While I could talk for hours about what I loved and why, here are seven of my favorite parts of Cambridge that I think I’ll miss the most. 


 I knew I would miss the restaurants in Harvard and Central Squares after I left, but I didn’t know how much. Oh, what I would give to be able to grab a veggie burger from Flat Patties, a Sicilian slice from Pinnochio’s, or a cannoli from Mike’s Pastry. I didn’t realize what luxury it was to walk down the block and satisfy my every French fry craving whenever I chose–or to walk downstairs and grab a scoop from Toscanini’s. Now, I’d need to drive at least five minutes to get anything at all! 

The Charles River

charles river sunset cambridge harvard
Sunset on the Charles.

While I crossed the Harvard Bridge on foot on my very first day in Cambridge, I never truly discovered the magic of the Charles until the weather turned warmer. I started walking, running, and eating on the river front and could never get enough. The cool breeze, the sunsets, the goslings–all of it gave me a sense of peace. I could sit on the banks of the river, watching the world pass by, finding an escape from the fast-paced life I lived just a few blocks away. 

The Bell Towers

The best parts of the Cambridge skyline are the bell towers. They add timeless charm and remind you of the city’s rich history. I loved walking around the square or sitting in the office with the windows open and hearing the bells chime–pure, simple beauty.  

The American Repertory Theater

Interning at the A.R.T. is one of the things that truly made my time in Cambridge special. Every day in the office made me full of joy and love of theatre, whether it included taking photos of our office dog (#GraphicDesignerGuthrie) in bunny ears, listening to “Let Me Be Your Star” on repeat, or actually doing the work we were supposed to be doing. Each opportunity I was afforded-attending the Elliot Norton Awards, going to opening nights-was such an unforgettable delight. 


Street Art

Nothing screams “COMMUNITY!” at me like some good street art, and Cambridge is covered with it. There was a mural across the street from my apartment building, and just a few blocks down was Graffiti Alley–a place where street art was encouraged and new pieces regularly covered up old ones. On my daily walks to and from Harvard Square, I would come to know and love the colorful words and images adorning the buildings and feel like a part of a wonderful little community. 

The Widener Library 

 Because the A.R.T. is a Harvard institution, my ID gave me swipe access to the Widener Library on Harvard’s campus. Needless to say, I took full advantage of it and wrote all of my major papers in the Loker Reading Room. Normally, I can’t study in libraries at all. But there was something about Widener–the building’s history, the architecture, the focused academic atmosphere-that made studying breeze.  

My Friends 

polaroid charles river cambridge
My friends from the Harvard CSA at an end-of-semester cookout on the Charles!
Life is only as good as the people you get to share it with, and I met some downright incredible people with whom I got to share my life for these few months. I would not have been as happy or felt as at home as I did if it were not for these fiercely loving, intelligent, fascinating, faithful people I am blessed to call my friends.
What’s your favorite thing about your neighborhood? Let me know in the comments below!

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